1. Selling/Buying Gold, Items, Silk or anything else from Epic for real money is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban!

2. No Multiclient is allowed in Capture The Flag, Battle Arena or Fortress War, temporary to permanent ban for this.

3. Job Cheating will result in a COIN BLOCK and after that you will result a permanent ban.

4. Making fakename accounts of other players or Sup and GM will result in a permanent ban.

5. Exploiting or trying to use exploit any of the ingame systems will result in a permanent ban. You have to tell us all kind of bugs you have found.

6. Insults against GM or Sup is not allowed will result in a permanent ban.

7. Trading items between servers is not allowed, please dont mention any other servers in global or allchat.

8. If we find traders that using bot script we will permanent ban this account!

9. Account selling is not allowed! (its for your own security because you can't change the E-Mail of an account!)

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline: 253 / 1000
    SupporterOnline: 1 / 6
    • - [BOT]Support

  • Cap: 100
  • EXP: x70
  • Party Exp: x72
  • Gold: x1
  • Drop: x4
  • Max DG: 10 SUN
  • CTF: enabled
  • Battle Arena: enabled
  • HWID Limit: 3


  • Servertime: 08:07:10
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Sunday 08:00 - 19:00
  • Battle Arena:
  • Job Cave Uniques:
  • Medusa:


Last 10 Unique Kills