Server Closing / Re-Opening

Dear players,

as you surely recognized there have been some huge problems regarding cheating for big amouts of silks and gold in the past. We tryed to combat this by deleting gold and punished players for bug abuse. Some weeks went over and we noticed a bug to abuse big amounts of silks, we didn't noticed the bug in time because very much amount of Player already abused this every day and got hugh amounts of silks and ruined the game...and yes it took months till 1 player reported this. And yes we tryed to combat against this and tryed to delete the cheated silks and punished all the bug abusers, but the silks was already ingame and you can't find all of them and fight against all of them. We tryed our best to bring back the old status but we don't had a chance because there was over 1000+ Accounts who abused the system.

After punishing all the Players alot of them left because they was angry of punishing them and went to other servers with there friends,

We tryed our best to bring back new players but all our tries failed and as you can see the players went down to ≈25 - 30 Players and there will leave more from time to time...

So we decided to close the server for a little while, we will rework our system fix all bugs and there will be a big reopen soon...

To all the players who donated several amounts of money already – don’t be afraid, there will be a surprise for you on the new server!

We hope you can understand our desicions and you will come back on reopen.

Server will went offline at 29.07.2016!

But we don't want only fix bugs and reopen we want to improve our server and we need you for that! We created a Forum Thread where you can post all your Suggestions for the reopening! FORUM LINK HERE

Last but not least we want to Thank all Players for the nice 11 Months with you! We learned a lot and we had a lot of fun with you together! We hope all of you will come back after our re-launch! Thanks for all!


Kind Regrads,

Epic Silkroad Team


Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 155 / 1000
    SupporterOnline 0 / 4
  • Cap 100
  • EXP/SP x38
  • Party Exp x42
  • Drop x10
  • Gold x20
  • Alchemy x6
  • Tradegoods Custom


  • Timer: 20:38:38
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Sunday 08:00 - 19:00
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Medusa:
  • Lucky Stall:
  • Lucky Gold:
  • Lucky Global:
  • Choose Answer:
  • Alchemy:
  • Question and Answer:
  • Last Man Standing:

EpicSilkroad, Play more & have Fun!

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