Dear Players,

we have had some great suggestions lately and we had a lot of players asking for a "PVP Event".This is why we are going to hold a "PVP Event" on the 11th of June starting at 14:00 server time. The event is going to be team based, so gather your friends and sharpen your blades.

To ensure a fair competition and smooth order of events we established some rules that all competitors must follow:


1. Every team consists of four players (each player may only register with one character).

2. In order to register for the event, you have to file a support ticket, using the Event category, stating the character names of the four players and a team name.

3. Players must not use the following skills: Reverse Oblation, Reverse Immolation, Bless Spell, Ultimate Screen, Physical Screen, Moral Screen, Iron Skin, Mana Skin, Malicious Devil Skill, Berserker Mode

4. Players also must not use any kind of attack pets or any kind of damage or defence increasing scrolls.

5. Each team is going to be wearing a specific colour of PVP capes.

6. Players must not "Resurrect at the present point" after death. They may however be resurrected by their teammates.

7. Every round is going to be "single elimination", the finale is going to be a "best of three"


The members of the winning team are going to receive silk rewards and a limited title. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams are going to receive silk rewards.

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline: 221 / 1000
    SupporterOnline: 1 / 6
    • - [BOT]Support

  • Cap: 100
  • EXP: x70
  • Party Exp: x72
  • Gold: x1
  • Drop: x4
  • Max DG: 10 SUN
  • CTF: enabled
  • Battle Arena: enabled
  • HWID Limit: 3


  • Servertime: 03:57:11
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Sunday 08:00 - 19:00
  • Battle Arena:
  • Job Cave Uniques:
  • Medusa:


Last 10 Unique Kills

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    05:03:54 ago
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    06:33:17 ago
  • Flay_Deggar has killed Lord Yarkan
    07:42:23 ago
  • Flay_Deggar has killed Lord Yarkan (STR)
    07:59:27 ago
  • SoulOfEviI has killed Demon Shaitan
    09:19:51 ago